Introducing ConceptShare: Deliver 10x Content, Reduce Costs & Bolster Client Relationships

Whether you’re working at a marketing agency, advertising agency, or creative consultancy, clients are probably constantly asking you to deliver more, at faster speeds with less budget. What if one tool could eliminate the pain points around these asks, and actually help you drive more profit, productivity, and value for your clients?

Enter ConceptShare.  

Built for agency leaders by agency veterans, ConceptShare is an online communication, project management, and proofing tool all in one. ConceptShare streamlines the creative process by accelerating reviews and approvals (between teams and clients), so your agency can deliver content faster and at less cost, all while reducing time on those pesky unbillable hours.  

Day in and day out, agencies deliver on some of the most innovative campaigns for the world’s most iconic brands. But in a fast-paced digital world, deadlines and speed are a constant battle-which makes it critical to deliver efficiently. Any delay or bottleneck in the review and approval phase can mean missed deadlines, unexpected costs, and even lost revenue. With ConceptShare you can actually speed up the review cycle by consolidating communication and version-control into one tool, so your team can get clear, actionable feedback and deliver more at faster rates.

With ConceptShare the facts speak for themselves: deliver 10x more content to your clients, reduce unbillable hours by 34%, and accelerate creative reviews by 76%. Doesn’t that sound nice?

But don’t take our word for it, here’s what a few ConceptShare clients had to say:

“Our Designers used to spend a lot of time trying to consolidate feedback and figure out what was relevant. When they discovered ConceptShare, it was a game changer. All of a sudden, all the information was consolidated into one area. So not only did our review times get faster, but the amount of work that our teams could handle at one time, also increased.”


“For clients that used to run a lot of versions, up to version 6 or 10, we’ve been able to get that down to version 2 or 4 now that we don’t have to manually [translate] all their feedback each time they send a new request.”


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