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The ultimate quality management system that improves efficiencies, achieves industry compliance, and delivers quality products with integration to Deltek Costpoint.

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Partner with PCI, a Premier Partner of Deltek, to implement Deltek + TIP Technologies: the comprehensive integrated quality management system that benefits manufacturers in improving manufacturing efficiencies, achieving industry compliance, and consistently delivering quality products. Incorporating these solutions can lead to improved manufacturing efficiencies, consistent quality products, and compliance with industry standards.

TipQA is a quality management solution that helps manufacturers automate processes and gain real-time access to quality and manufacturing data. This module allows manufacturers to maintain records and electronically manage work orders and tasks. With TipQA, a manufacturer can oversee multiple inspection processes, ensuring that products meet industry standards and customer specifications.

This comprehensive solution has the capability to streamline quality control and monitoring, which enhances the manufacturing process, reduces waste, and lowers costs.

TipSFE automates daily production operations and maintains compliance with a single solution fully integrated into TipQA. This module delivers shop floor data, enhances visibility, and provides a paperless delivery mechanism with detailed work instructions. TipSFE enables manufacturers to access real-time work-in-process data, understand and address bottlenecks, and gain better control over communications and manufacturing operations. Manufacturers can integrate the data collected from TipSFE with their manufacturing execution system (MES) to monitor and improve manufacturing operations further.

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How Peraton Protects the Nation with a Single Source of Truth

“With Costpoint, PPM and TIPQA, we can connect our financial, project management, quality assurance, operations, legal and contract teams on a standardized platform, helping them respond to inquiries faster while improving auditability.”

Eric Ruscheinski, Vice President, Enterprise Applications and Analytics

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For highly regulated manufacturers, having effective supplier quality management can reduce the negative impacts of supply chain disruptions.

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