Astrata: Simplify Your Financial Management Workflow

Designed exclusively for Deltek Costpoint users – Built to save you time, money, and improve ROI. Astrata is the only all-in-one financial management tool designed to revolutionize your Deltek Costpoint experience.

All-in-One Financial Management Tool for Deltek Costpoint Users

PCI created Astrata to enhance the Costpoint user experience. Astrata is the all-in-one financial management tool that will transform your workflow. By seamlessly connecting to Deltek Costpoint, our feature-packed platform is designed to save you time, improve ROI, and make your job easier. 

With Astrata, you can effortlessly connect your banks, credit cards, and third-party software to Deltek Costpoint, eliminating data entry and improving reconciliation. Track, edit, and export customer data with ease. Streamline project creation and sync all project data seamlessly. Plus, our direct integration with travel booking ensures faster expense report processing and compliant travel arrangements. 

Astrata Product Features

Credit Cards

Connect Costpoint and credit card data seamlessly. Eliminating data entry and improving reconciliation.


Connect your banks, credit cards, and third party softwares with Costpoint. See your data in real time.


Bulk upload vouchers, attach documents, save vouchers in an incomplete state, deploy workflows for processing.


Connect directly to your bank accounts, match deposits and payables daily, reconcile payroll and bank records. Send all required transactions to Costpoint for processing.


Quickly add your vendors and export vendor files.


Simply track, edit, add, and export customer data.



Allow independent contractors or 1099s to upload expenses and attachments that feed directly into Costpoint.


Book travel with a direct integration for faster expense report processing and compliant travel booking.

Enhance your Astrata experience with these integrations.

Travel & Expense

Payroll & Tax

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