Time & Expense Software

Time and expense tracking solutions for Government Contractors and Professional Service Firms.

Time and Expense Software for Your Industry

Discover the ease of managing your company’s time and expenses with the Deltek Time and Expense solutions.

Our PCI experts specialize in configuring the cloud-based modules to fit your business needs. Track your team’s time from any location, simplify expense entries and approvals, and gain invaluable project insights for smarter decision-making. 

Deltek T&E not only makes audit preparation a breeze but also ensures full compliance and enhanced security features. PCI will help you streamline your time management and expense tracking processes today to make informed decisions and amplify your productivity!

Government Contracting

For government contractors, managing labor costs and ensuring compliance can be a complex task. Deltek Costpoint T&E simplifies this process with its integrated approach to timekeeping and expense management. It's designed to keep your business audit-compliant with clear separation and allocation of labor expenses — and PCI is here to guide you through the setup to ensure you get the most out of this powerful tool.


Government Contracting

Solutions to streamline compliance throughout the entire project lifecycle, significantly reducing both time and cost.

Deltek Costpoint

Enhance your project success with ERP software designed specifically for government contractors. PCI is proud to be a Premier Partner providing Deltek Costpoint implementation and ongoing software support.

On-Demand Webinar: Simplify Your Expense Management and Maximize Efficiency

Discover the key to effortless expense management for your business.

Professional Services

With Deltek T&E for Vantagepoint, logging time and expenses is a breeze.  If you're a part of a team that uses resource planning with Vantagepoint, your timesheets will magically fill themselves with the data from your project plans. Imagine opening a timesheet and finding it already knows what you've been working on, complete with all the details like project stages and tasks. Don't worry, PCI is here to guide you through setting up this time-saving wizard for your business!


Professional Services

Simplify project operations with a single ERP cloud solution for professional services firms. 

Deltek Vision + Vantagepoint

Simplify project workflows with a single ERP solution designed specifically for A&E firms. PCI is proud to be a Deltek Partner providing Deltek Vantagepoint implementation and Vision + Vantagepoint ongoing software support.

Software Support

Lean on PCI for ongoing software support for your Deltek product suite. 


Built in time and expense tracking within your ERP system.

Cost Efficiencies

PCI can configure time and expense quickly, ensuring efficiency for your business. 


Remain compliant with industry standards and time tracking.

Enhance your Deltek experience with these integrations.

Deltek Costpoint

Deltek Vision + Vantagepoint

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