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A total agency management system designed for agencies and in-house teams to streamline projects, people, and finances. PCI is proud to Partner with Deltek to sell WorkBook software packages and provide implementation and ongoing support.

Deltek WorkBook Software Experts

PCI’s agency industry experts can guide your agency through the implementation of the leading agency management solution – Deltek WorkBook. Gain real-time control, deep insights, and enhanced visibility for simplified project management, resource allocation, and financial tracking. 

Deltek WorkBook offers integrated agency operations, providing real-time visibility into project performance. With visual dashboards, filtering options, and over 300 built-in reports, you can easily monitor and analyze project data.

Increase productivity with flexible task management features like Kanban boards and calendar integration. Deltek WorkBook even makes submitting timesheets a breeze.

Improve client collaboration with the client portal. Foster transparency and easy communication for clients and brand managers. Submit job requests effortlessly and stay updated on project status.

Plan your team’s capacity in advance to make informed staffing decisions. Prevent employee burnout and maintain a balanced workload. Determine when to hire freelancers or expand your team.

Discover the power of Deltek WorkBook and take your marketing agency to new heights with PCI’s implementation and support services. Need help figuring out which Deltek WorkBook software package is right for your agency? Let PCI guide you based on your goals and needs.

Deltek WorkBook Product Features

Project Management

Project Management & CRM

Project Management & Finance + Accounting

Full Suite (PM, CRM, Finance + Accounting)

Enhance your Deltek WorkBook experience with these partner integrations.

Deltek / Deltek Unionpoint

FreeWheel Strata


How Top Marketing Agencies Dominate with Deltek WorkBook

“Since we’ve implemented WorkBook, we’ve been able to more accurately understand our workflows, our deliverables, and our teams’ needs. WorkBook has been a great tool for us and has really helped us get to that next level of growth.”

– Luke Schlegel, Executive Vice President of Operations and Analytics, Collective Measures

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