About PCI

PCI was founded in 2009 out of a desire to meet the increasing need for industry experienced individuals to provide their knowledge and best practices to growing Government Contractors, Marketing Agencies and Professional Service Firms. Our owner, a former CFO in the Government Contracting industry, experienced first-hand that businesses would thrive with standardized processes, systems, and various automation. PCI’s service offerings are designed to assist companies in achieving these goals.



we say yes. we figure it out. we make it happen. always.

We strive for excellence in every project we undertake, aiming to exceed client expectations and deliver solutions that make a meaningful impact.


At PCI, we continue to evolve our solutions and services – nothing stays the same and neither do we.

However and whenever we change it is in our customers best interest. We will always deliver the best financial management consulting services, implementation and audit support for government contractors and marketing agencies.


PCI’s values encompass what we believe is constant in all industries. The idea that pain points, solutions and people are constantly in MOTION. PCI never stays stagnant, we evolve accordingly to industry needs. Our core values (which is also our corporate company retreat name).

where we are

Empowering Your Success All Over The U.S.

We embrace the power of flexibility.

We thrive in remote work environments, excel across different time zones, and have no boundaries when it comes to traveling.  Our team of experienced professionals is here to empower your success, wherever you may be. 


Our Experts Are Here For Your Success

Marty McGann


Jamie Rosenkranz

Implementation Director

Courtney Shippee

Accounting Director

Christine Marks

Director of Operations

Rebecca Rosenblatt

Marketing & Sales Director

Mandy Sanchez

Director of Special Projects

Tiffany McGarry

Principal Talent Acquisition & HR Consultant

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