Resource Management & Planning Software Solutions

Allocate, budget and forecast your resources in your Deltek ERP software.

Resource Management Software for Your Industry

Project Managers understand that at the heart of a flourishing project-based business lies the importance of efficient resource planning and effective management of personnel. By integrating our dedicated Deltek software solutions, you now have the opportunity to position these critical elements at the very core of your operational strategy.

Our resource planning software and industry expertise directly translates into heightened business efficiency and amplified project management results.

With a comprehensive, integrated view of your company’s portfolio at your fingertips, you’re equipped to elevate efficiency, boost productivity, and expand profitability across the board.

Partner with PCI and reinvent your resource planning strategy to harness the full potential of your projects and people—we’re here to ensure your company doesn’t just compete, but truly thrives within the modern business landscape. Secure your future with PCI’s preferred Deltek software solutions—one resource at a time.

Government Contracting

Costpoint’s Planning module is the ultimate resource management and budgeting tool for government contractors. This centralized hub streamlines budgets, forecasts, resources, and reporting. Costpoint’s budgeting and forecasting tools provide valuable insights into present and future expenditures. By utilizing real-time data, it empowers informed decision-making and identifies potential shifts in business needs that could influence your financial standing.

Deltek Costpoint

Enhance your project success with ERP software designed specifically for government contractors. PCI is proud to be a Premier Partner providing Deltek Costpoint implementation and ongoing software support.


Unleash full potential with PCI's tailored Deltek ERP implementations.

Consulting Services

From software support to compliance and business structure, we’ve got you covered!

Marketing Agencies

WorkBook serves as a robust solution tailor-made for marketing agencies seeking to optimize their project management and resource allocation. It enables agencies to maintain projects within budget constraints effectively, ensuring profitability by preventing over-servicing. WorkBook’s intuitive platform is designed to diminish the risks of team burnout by distributing resources efficiently across projects, ensuring that every team member's workload is manageable and aligned with your business goals.

Marketing Agencies

Boost your marketing agency’s success with streamlined workflows and valuable client and project-based accounting insights powered by the industry’s leading agency management software.

Deltek WorkBook

A total agency management system designed for agencies and in-house teams to streamline projects, people, and finances. PCI is proud to Partner with Deltek to sell WorkBook software packages and provide implementation and ongoing support.

Guide: Unlock Your Agency's Resource Management

As an agency leader, you know how critical it is to manage your resources effectively to deliver high-quality work and maximize profitability.

Professional Services

Deltek Vantagepoint is tailored for professional services firms to enhance productivity, foster collaboration, and elevate profitability. Centralize your projects and people for streamlined operations. With a comprehensive overview of your company in one platform, you can enhance efficiency, productivity, and profitability while making well-informed decisions to propel your business forward.

Professional Services

Simplify project operations with a single ERP cloud solution for professional services firms. 

Deltek Vision + Vantagepoint

Simplify project workflows with a single ERP solution designed specifically for A&E firms. PCI is proud to be a Deltek Partner providing Deltek Vantagepoint implementation and Vision + Vantagepoint ongoing software support.

Software Support

Lean on PCI for ongoing software support for your Deltek product suite. 

Balance Workload

Prevent burnout and safeguard your most valuable asset with instant visibility into resource availability and capacity.

Agile Planning

Stay ahead of delivery issues by using actionable insights to prevent over-servicing and scope creep.

Manage Budgets & Costs

Enhance your project plans, monitor costs, and manage margins effectively within one solution.

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