DCAA Compliance Support

Guarantee government contracting compliance with confidence.

Guarantee your orginization remains compliant with Federal regulations impacting your contracts.

Our PCI compliance experts offer proactive guidance on scope, audit readiness and compliance requirements. We will make sure you align with ever-changing standards and requirements in performing contracts for your Federal customers.

Our team is available to provide guidance and support for the many types of requests that your organization may receive from various governmental agencies, such as DCAA, including:

Business System Requirements

PCI will ensure your systems are set up to function within the parameters of federal regulation, as well as contract terms and conditions. From developing internal controls, to writing policies, and analyzing system utilization, PCI will be by your side as you walk through the requirements and determine what changes and improvements can be made to allow processes to run smoothly.

CASB Disclosure Statements

Allow us to work with you to draft compliant disclosure statement documents that will outline the corporate procedures without getting stuck in the weeds of details that can leave you feeling confined. PCI can assist in determining when business decisions have created the need for submitting an updated disclosure statement and how to navigate that discussion with your affected customers.

Compliance Recommendations & Support Based FAR, CAS, & DFARS

PCI compliance consultants have decades of experience in interpreting federal contracting regulations, as well as communicating with federal customers who may or may not read those regulations in the same light. As we all know FAR/DFARS and CAS leave much to be desired in the way of clear language. PCI can assist in determining which provisions are applicable to your contracts, as well as keeping track of regulatory updates and revisions as they are issued.

Forward Pricing Proposals

PCI can assist your team in effective proposal writing, as well as the development of rate and cost projections to ensure your company is including every potential cost reimbursement owed. Don’t get stuck paying out of pocket for allowable costs only because you failed to include those line items in your proposal at the onset!

Incurred Cost Submissions

PCI specializes in the development of DCAA adequate incurred cost proposals. We can help you navigate the contract terms you’ve agreed to through prime or subcontracts to determine when you are required to submit an incurred cost proposal and liaison services to ensure that Government auditors are only including auditable dollars in the scope of their examinations. Knowing what you are obligated to provide to auditors is key in creating the best working relationship between your staff and those tasked with the oversight of protecting the taxpayers.

Indirect Rates

We can assist you in analyzing and determining the most equitable indirect rate structure for your organization, while ensuring regulatory compliance. PCI specializes in rate development and implementation for organizations of all sizes and across multiple government contracting industries. Additionally, we can assist you in complying with provisional billing rate requirements and the estimating required for establishing the most accurate forecasted indirect rates.

Mock Audits

You can never be too prepared! If you know you have an audit coming down the pipeline or want to ensure that when the time comes the organization will be ready, let us perform a mock audit to give you peace of mind. Our consultants have decades of hands-on DCAA experience in scoping audits and determining risk factors that may stand out or get your organization singled out by DCAA. PCI can ease your concerns by preparing you ahead of time for what to expect during a DCAA audit, as well as other external GovCon auditing groups. We can assist in making any necessary improvements to your procedures or system set-up based on what is identified during a mock audit.

Policies & Procedures

From being prepared with the basics, i.e. accounting manual, to full fledged procurement policies, PCI can work together with members of your organization to: 

  1. Identify the processes guiding the work that your organization has already worked to develop
  2. Ensure the established procedures are adequate and compliant when compared to regulation and contract terms
  3. Write the policies to summarize those procedures in a format that gives auditors a glimpse into the organization and internal controls, provides employees with guidance to complete their job functions successfully, and not boxing the organization into anything that will confine business decisions and growth.

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