GovCon On Demand Webinars

Disvoer the must-see on demand webinars on Goverment Contracting industry trends and Deltek Costpoint product deep dives.

Compensation & Policy Audit

Duration: 39 minutes

This webinar will feature FAR requirements for contractor compensation policies, as well as FAR compensation cap thresholds.

Introduction To FAR & CAS

Duration: 45 minutes

If you’re a federal contractor, at some point you will be faced with understanding—and complying with—federal regulations regarding acquisitions and accounting: FAR and CAS.

Indirect Cost Pools

Duration: 54 minutes

Join PCI for a primer on indirect cost pools & rate calculations. Refresh your knowledge on Indirect Costs & Cost Pools and why they are important to Government Contractors.

Why You Should Consider Deltek Costpoint As Your ERP For Government Contracting

Duration: 35 minutes

Many small businesses start out their accounting on QuickBooks® for the ease of use.  While QuickBooks® can satisfy the basic accounting and some government contract compliance needs, maintaining compliance as a Government Contractor can become challenging and error-prone within QuickBooks®. 

Understanding Indirect Rates: Part 1

Duration: 60 minutes

Part 1 of our Indirect Rate series and discover the fundamentals of indirect rates. In this session, we dive into the concept of indirect rates, exploring their definition, traditional practices, and practical applications.

What Makes An Accounting System Compliant

Duration: 60 minutes

Learn how to establish an approved accounting system for cost type contracts as a government contractor. 

Time Keeping & The Government Contractor

Duration: 50 minutes

Timesheets are a major component of a government contractor’s accounting system. 

DCAA Compliance For Small To Mid-Sized Government Contractors

Duration: 50 minutes

The Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) provides audit and financial advisory services to the Department of Defense (DOD) and other federal entities responsible for acquisition and contract administration.

Contractor Purchasing System Review 101

Access our webinar for an overview of CPSR.

Duration: 50 minutes

Understanding Indirect Rates: Part 2

Access Part 2 of our Indirect Rates webinar series to gain a deeper understanding of indirect rates and how they impact your business.

Duration: 60 minutes

Cost Estimating & Developing Price Proposals

Duration: 35 minutes

Cost estimating is the process of developing the actual cost of completing a defined scope of work. Setting this up correctly, makes it easier to determine your best pricing strategy.

Elevate Your Subcontractor Game - Mastering The Art Of Subcontractor Management

Duration: 30 minutes

Whether you’re new to subcontractor agreements or looking to integrate with TE, we’ll cover all the setup requirements for a seamless experience.

Effectively Manage Your Contracts with Costpoint Contracts Management

Duration: 45 minutes

Learn the importance of comprehensive data for your Contracts & Task Orders and get a thorough overview of the Contracts module benefits.

How To Use The MS Word Reporting Tool In Costpoint

Duration: 25 minutes

The MS Word reporting tool can extract data from Costpoint into a MS Word document. You can customize the report to your company requirements.

How To Leverage HR Costpoint Reporting

Duration: 31 minutes

PCI will be presenting our new custom built HR dashboard with visualizations and drilldowns into Costpoint data. The dashboard is easy-to-use and allows for quick decision making.

Finance Dashboard Using Cognos Analytics 11.2.24

Duration: 30 minutes

This session will cover PCI’s Finance Dashboard using Cognos Analytics 11.2.4 and the newly released features. 

The Benefits Of ARCN Billing

Duration: 48 minutes

We will cover the needs, benefits, and process of using ACRN Billing from start to finish. ACRN Billing can solve both of those issues while automatically routing costs and bill amounts to the necessary ACRN/CLIN/SLIN to make customer invoicing more accurate, efficient, and timely.

Preparing For Year End Payroll

Duration: 50 minutes

Unlock essential payroll tips to ensure a smooth transition into the new year.

Costpoint Payroll Best Practices

Duration: 30 minutes

Join us for an informative session on Costpoint Payroll best practices. Take a break from your busy day to learn from PCI’s payroll expert!

Mastering The Indirect Rate Reconciliation Process

Duration: 30 minutes

Join PCI for an insightful session on streamlining your indirect rate reconciliation process. Our experts will share valuable tips and tricks to enhance your financial management skills.

API Integrations

Duration: 48 minutes

API’s (Application Program Interface) integrate data between systems. Join us as we explain the benefits of streamlining your data into one consolidated solution.

PCIs Candidate Experince Webinar Series

Duration: 15 minutes

In this session, we will cover simplifying a complicated application process. We will deep dive into different methods to make your candidate experience as either robust or simplified as you see fit. We will take a look at different reports within Talent Management to identify areas of improvement as well as how source could affect drop off.

Preparing For Year End: Benefits

Duration: 30 minutes

Prepare for the year end with our exclusive webinar series. Learn crucial benefit tips for 1094/1095s and smoothly transition into the new year. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to effectively prepare for year-end.

Preparing Your Costpoint For Benefits Open Enrollment

Duration: 30 minutes

Discover the necessary updates, including new benefit years, updating benefit plans and packages, and managing FSA and MAS years in our on demand webinar.

Unlock The Full Potential Of Costpoint 8.2

Duration: 40 minutes

Dive deep into Costpoint 8.2’s game-changing enhancements with PCI and Deltek! 

Simplify Your Expense Management and Maximize Efficiency

Duration: 60 minutes

PCI will provide you with the criteria to streamline your expense setup and offer invaluable tips for maintaining it going forward.

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