So. Many. Passwords.

March 2, 2023

Doesn’t it feel like you need a different password for everything you do nowadays? Need a password to listen to music, need a password to order Chick-Fil-A, need a password to do your timesheet. Everything we touch needs a password and they never need to be updated at the same time, so you need to remember 10 different variations of a password at any given time.

Well one area that we can help make life easier is by having Single Sign On (SSO) for accessing Deltek Costpoint. From a company perspective most of us already have Microsoft Azure in place and aren’t taking full advantage of the efficiencies it can provide us with our day to day tasks. This is one of the ways to take advantage of it! 

We are able to connect your SSO (Azure, Okta, Ping, AFDS) to Costpoint so that you and all your end users can consolidate your passwords. The setup and switch to using Single Sign On is quite easy: 

  • Submit the service request with Deltek Cloud Solutions to connect your Costpoint and your SSO
  • Setup Costpoint as an application on your SSO Platform 
  • Test the SSO and CP connection 
  • Roll out Single Sign On to your end user

Not only does this help with efficiencies but now your Costpoint password credentials and expiration policy will align with your internal security policies, which is helpful as we all prepare for upcoming FedRamp and CMMC requirements. 

Interested in learning more about how PCI can assist your SSO requirements? Contact us today!

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