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Simplify Your Travel & Expenses with ARCH

PCI’s ARCH (Air, Rail, Car, Hotel) program is an end to end travel booking and credit card reconciliation package suite designed for the modern Government Contractor. ARCH with our travel partners, provides the ability to integrate the travel booking process, the credit card reconciliation and with our API, feed the data into Deltek’s Costpoint expense solution. What this means for your travelers is no more manual expense entries into Costpoint expense. PCI is here to support you in this journey. Our team is here if any questions, comments or concerns throughout the implementation and post live process of ARCH.



A method to book your travel.

Ability to have that data in your expense report automatically.

Ability to Send the Project, Account and/or Organization to the credit card bill.

Ability to map credit card data to the expense report.


Simplified Travel Booking
  • Customize your travel policy, default flights, hotels and rental cars at per diem rates.
  • Set up (optional) automated travel notifications.
  • Ensure your employees are charging their travel directly to the appropriate project code to automatically populate into their expense report and AP.
  • Eliminate the financial burden of canceled trips. Did you know 24% of purchased airline tickets go unused? ARCH saves your unused tickets and applies the balance to your next flight!
  • Lower travel expenses by receiving exclusive discounted rates through the volume of travel bookings.
Gained Benefits Of A Corporate Card Program With Reconciliation

Automation: ARCH captures descriptive billing field information which feeds directly into your expense report and AP for simple reconciliation. AKA taking the burden off your employees manually loading their expense costs.

Insurance: A lot of people are unaware of some of the insurance headaches that can take place during business travel. Example: Joe Smith is the manager of Kathy Green. Joe books Kathy’s travel for her on his credit card. If Kathy’s airline loses her bags, she has no insurance coverage since it was Joe’s name on the credit line. ARCH eliminates this liability.

Funding: Employees no longer have to fund their corporate expenses on personal cards.

Make Expenses Easy For Current & New Hires

On average, we are seeing employees taking up to 3 hours to submit their expense reports. If you have 13 employees filling out timesheets, that could be an upwards of almost 40 hours spent on expense submissions. No company wants their employees wasting a full work week on expense submissions.

Having a centralized travel booking tool and credit card reconciliation process in place not only sets up your company travel program to be compliant and saves your employees time, it also allows you to have a system in place for potential growth.

Many of our customers have mentioned they are waiting to be awarded a new contract and need a compliant and automated travel program in place. There is no better time to set ARCH up than before your company grows. Having a system already in place will prevent unnecessary stress during the on boarding of your new employees.

Visibility Into Your Travel Spend & Travelers

Through the online portal, you will have access to simple reports incurred during an audit, including real time viewing of statements. Another awesome feature is the ability to track your travelers. You’ll be able to identify if your employees are safe if a crisis arises in real time!

Affordable & User Friendly

Your current processes are costly and time consuming and this may delay business growth. A successful business is constantly changing and putting new processes in place to ensure you’re not wasting time, money and resources.  ARCH’s automation solves problems and provides saving opportunity. It is affordable, easy to use and (on average 6 months) the system basically pays for itself with the amount you end up saving on travel costs.

The Travel Lifecycle


Automate and effortlessly approve your employees travel requirements prior to booking trips


Easily book travel online or through an agent through 24/7 support.  ARCH conveniently collets descriptive billing information at the time of booking for effortless reconciliation.


Our travel agency will handle the fulfillment of your travel requirements foe each trip.  Travelers discounts applied.  Unused tickets will automatically be applied to your purchase when appropriate.

Form Of Payment

Through our API, your credit card data feeds all travel data straight into your expense report and/or AP.

Expense Report

Simplify and expedite your administrative tasks with direct feeds of expenses into employees’ expense report.

Credit Card Reconciliation

Streamline your manual processes with a fully reconciled and customized expense statement integrated into Costpoint.  This will save your accounting staff time and increase travel compliance.


Simplifying the expense process allows your employees faster reimbursement.

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