Premier Consulting & Integration (PCI) Partners with Trust Income Equity LLC to Enhance Business Development

August 19, 2022

PCI is proud to announce our new partnership with Trust Income Equity, delivering clients thought leadership, training, tools, products, and services to accelerate their prosperity in public sector.

Red Bank, NJ – August 19, 2022Premier Consulting & Integration (PCI) has partnered with Trust Income Equity LLC (TIE).  PCI and TIE will be working together to provide clients with the following offerings:

  • Business Education Across the Public SectorIncluding mentorship, coaching, masterminds, webinars, bootcamps, corporate retreats, conference series and on demand virtual c-suite services.
  • Optimizing for Profit – How to grow your margins, reduce cost and identify the costly behaviors; think QBR as a service, financials scrubbing and an annual planning & budgets service.
  • Growth and Strategic Planning –Ensuring you have the right team in place, optimizing your org model, and implementing a lean business plan in your go-to-market strategy.
  • Brand verses Marketing – How to create uniqueness in your offer, demonstrate knowledge/trust as an authority source and using social media to be omnipresent across platforms.
  • Pipeline architecture and improving PWIN – Automating identification and qualification of opportunities, enriching leads with greater efficiency in customer and contract vehicle targeting, and how to discover & exhaust data services available to public sector on contracts and opportunities.

“At PCI we strive to bring a complete offering to our customers, this partnership with TIE gives PCI and its customers access to leading edge intelligence and strategy around structuring your business, developing winning proposals, and competitive intelligence they way no one else is looking at it.  We look forward to making this exclusive offering available to our PCI customer base.” said Martin McGann, Founder and Owner at PCI.

“The partnership between PCI and TIE is founded in the common ground of equipping the owner, entrepreneur, and executive with the right tools, data, and information to effectively operate and grow their business. Coming together will accelerate and scale our combine tools, products, and service offerings and create a more complete approach enriching our customers.” said Corey Solivan, Founder at Trust Income Equity.

Learn more about the PCI and Trust Income Equity partnership HERE.

About Premier Consulting & Integration (PCI)

Premier Consulting & Integration, LLC (PCI) is the leading provider of financial management consulting services, implementation and audit support for government contractors and marketing agencies. Our consultants combine 40+ years of relevant experience acting as former CFO’s, controllers, and accountants. We offer small business solutions that are affordable, easy to use and profitable. Learn more at

About Trust Income Equity LLC

Trust Income Equity LLC is a leading researcher and think tank on the public sector, government procurements, and the public sector data that commonly go under-used or consumed. This research and expertise create a unique way of approaching business to create a most effective set of corporate growth strategies, coaching, and mentorship for clients. We have 20+ years of concentrated efforts inside starting, building, leading, and growing public sector companies. We offer small business services and products that enable owners, entrepreneurs, and executives to buy dollars at a discount through guaranteed results on accelerated timelines. Learn more at

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